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Gang Prevention & Intervention

The Jordan Gang Prevention and Intervention Program (GPIP) is designed for students K-12.  Healthy lifestyle choices, conflict resolution, social skills, career exploration, life time recreation and values of education are the focus.  Students are taught to demonstrate community respect by performing service-learning projects.  Participants are selected by the administration and counseling staff of the school.  Individuals and/or groups are facilitated by the Gang Prevention Specialist.

In addition, the Gang Prevention Specialist provides gang awareness and prevention training to 5th grade students in targeted schools identified as having greater risk for gang involvement.

All Jordan School District teachers receive gang awareness training.

Choose Gang Free is a gang prevention program for elementary students and is used to educate fifth graders about the dangers and negative consequences of gang affiliation, strategies to avoid gang membership, and to present safe alternatives and choices that promote healthy decision-making, academic success, and happiness.

Students throughout Jordan School District who are at risk for gang affiliation participate in a mentoring program which promotes healthy lifestyle choices, conflict resolution, social skills, career exploration, lifetime recreation, academic success skills and the values of education.  Participants are selected by the school administration and counseling staff, or referred through district level appeals hearings.  This program is designed for both individual and group mentoring and activities.