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First Offenders Courses

First Offender's Course Instructions & Information for Administrators: 

  1. Call Dara White (801-567-8298) to see if the student is a first offender.
  2. Call or email Dara ( with the student's name and student number. She will send an email with the course attached.
  3. An email with the online course attachment will be sent to the student on their student email ( A copy will also be sent to the parent and the referring assistant principal.
    • It is recommended that the assistant principal give the student a 2-week deadline to finish the online course.
    • Paperwork can be scanned and sent through MOVEIT to Dara, or sent through district mail to:  Dara White, District Office, Student Support Services.
    • Every 2 weeks a student update will be sent to the assistant principal; where the student is in the course (registered, pre-test, how many lessons completed, post-test, etc.)
    • When a student has completed all the sections of their course, a certificate of completion is generated which Dara will forward to the assistant principal.

First Offender Courses

Conflict-Wise JV

Address impact of bullying and other abusive behaviors

Nicotine 101

Course on impact of smoking, vaping, & other nicotine-containing products

Under the Influence

Online educational sanction for student alcohol violations

Marijuana 101 HS

Online sanction course for marijuana violations

Other Drugs

Focuses on the effects, risks, and consequences of illicit drug use and prescription drug misuse