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Youth in Care

  • This program provides education for youth who are in the custody of the state agencies for reasons of neglect, dependency or delinquency.
  • Education programs to which youth in custody are assigned are to meet applicable standards approved by the State Board of Education.  Classroom performance is monitored.  Students are reinforced for appropriate classroom behavior.
  • Youth In Care students being served by or through a local school district are considered students of that district.
  • All Youth In Care education services are closely coordinated with respective social service and/or judicial agency services to enhance effectiveness and avoid duplication.

It is the mission of the Youth in Care Program to provide dynamic, intensive and comprehensive educational services to students in the custody of Youth Corrections and the Division of Family Services in the state of Utah.

A student is eligible for the Youth In Care program if he/she resides within the school boundaries and is in the custody of Youth Corrections or the Division of Child and Family Services.

School-based programs offer a full range of services to prepare students for a successful transition in the mainstream of school and society.

The goal of all custody programs for youth is successful release, not continued custody.