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Jordan Student Support Services provides services for students who are at risk for a variety of reasons - academically, socially, physically and/or emotionally.  These intervention and/or prevention programs are designed for either an individual, group, class or school.

Name Position Phone
Sharon Jensen Consultant 801-567-8187
     Janie Hyde Administrative Assistant 801-567-8326
     Dara White First Offenders 801-567-8298
     Michelle Reyes Prevention Specialist 801-567-8205
     Vickie Barker Home & Hospital Support 801-567-8351
          Sara Dennison Home & Hospital, Teacher 801-567-8297
          Judy Leonard Home & Hospital, Teacher 801-567-8332
          Robyn Peterson Home & Hospital, Teacher 801-567-8351
          Jenny Ward Home & Hospital, Teacher 801-567-8351
          Katelyn Withers Home & Hospital, Teacher 801-567-8351
          Maryellen Hilton Home & Hospital, Teacher Assistant 801-567-8297
     Carolyn Curran Youth-in-Care Specialist 801-567-8328
         Albert Williams Youth in Care Mentor 801-567-8327
         Jen Killam Youth in Care Mentor 801-567-8357
          Lori Reed Youth in Care Mentor 801-567-8350
          Misty Mena Youth in Care Mentor 801-567-8382
          Kimber Whitehead Youth in Care Mentor 801-567-8381
          Julieta Yescas de Meza Youth in Care Mentor 801-567-8287
     Hilda Lloyd Homeless Outreach/McKinney Vento Liaison 801-567-8308
     Ned Heitz Gang Prevention Specialist 801-567-8313