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Information for Teachers

  • H&H Teacher Step by Step Instructions
  • True Time Instructions  for H&H Teachers
  • Step by Step Teachers Guide QR Code
  • Monthly Teaching Record
    The teacher records weekly visits to students including time with the student, prep time, mileage, and any comments. This record must be typed and include original signatures, including a parent's, preferably in blue ink. One half-hour of prep time is allowed for every 2 hours of actual instruction. Submit to Student Support Services by 2nd business day of the month.
  • Mileage Report
    District Mileage Report to be submitted monthly for each student on the program – be sure to list the address of the student served with the student’s name. Mileage needs to be verified by a school secretary and the form signed by the teacher and administrator.  Please fill in vendor key (skyward login) and mileage codes:  10 E (XXX school location code) 9285 1090 581. Mileage is paid from school to student's home or public place to teacher's home, also between students' homes if applicable. Submit to Student Support Services by 2nd business day of the month.  Please use the online fillable form and turn in the typed form. The rate per mile changes every January, thus using the online forms every month ensures the use of the most current form.
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